Hello 2014… hello 24.

First things first. WordPress app. You were so fantastic, but then you changed… this post has been sat on my WordPress app being “published” since the 7th January. It was meant to go up on my birthday. So.. whilst you read this, lets just pretend it is Tuesday 7th January….

So yeah – the radio silence over the Christmas period. What was that?

Things over the Christmas period went a little bit manic. So I didn’t do as well as I wanted to with this blog and didn’t write anything – I kept meaning to I swear! So what happened?

  • Had our last derby practice of 2013 in which we danced, played games and fought over chocolate.
  • Had our roller derby christmas do and awards – joint winner of Best Jammer 2013. Woohoo!
  • Realised I needed new pads so ordered new pads (they arrived today by the way.. YES! Expect photos…)
  • Had Christmas… this was pretty cool.
  • Had a quiet New Years just me and Oakleydog.

So far this year:

  • Worked more on the house renovations – finally put some colour paint on 4 walls – GO US!
  • Went to Rollerworld in Derby with some of my bestests! We injured no-one.. good derbygirls!
  • At the weekend I had my fringe cut into bangs. Why? I have had the same fringe since I was 14 years old. 7th Jan I turned 24. New fringe for a new decade! And it looks pretty badass


Exciting things for 2014:

  • Ideally… finish the house and move in at some point this year!!!
  • Mansfield Misfits first ever proper bout against another team… February 15th – we will be up against Barnsley Blackhearts. This is exciting!!

I hope this year is full of positive memories, exciting times, learning curves and special “big leap” moments! Bring on the bad times, I’m ready for them because 2013 really confirmed that I have surrounded myself with amazing people who I hold very dear to my heart.


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