Shape up or ship out!

So.. at the end of 2013 I decided I no longer wanted to have a stupid idea of what size/weight I wanted to get back down to.

I used to be around the 8 stone mark. Now this I admit was when I used to do more exercise and near the end of my gymnast days. And before I gained the despicable things that are horrifically called “child bearing hips.” I have had a moan before about hating how big my hips are and that I always feel larger because of them and the usual response is “Well lose some weight then.” Now. The problem here is that when you look at them properly, the main width on my hips is bone structure. I do have some excess I feel I could lose to help shape up a bit but the way I am built seems to run in the family.

Currently my clothing sizes sit like this (but don’t add up in my measurements?? thanks clothing companies!)
– Chest : 10
– Waist : 8
– Hips : 12

Oh and did I mention that I stand at the (not so) gargantuous height of 5 ft 4?

Last time I weighed myself (near christmas…) I was around the 11.6 stone mark. I know that getting back to 8 stone would be a horrific task and at my current age and the way my body shape has developed, would not be healthy in the slightest. And with derby (and pretty much all types of exercise…) once general body fat is reduced, any other fat converts to muscle in the process – or something like that. All I know is muscle weighs more than fat. End of.

So I am trying not to focus on what weight I want to be or what weight I will end up. I may weigh myself now and then again further down the line out of curiosity, but I refuse to get hung up on this.

My main focus is to be healthier. I also hope to increase my stamina/endurance levels & core strength.

I want to reduce my body fat and tone up – I have a bit of excess weight to lose – mostly around my thighs from the lack of exercise since gymnastics and figure skating gave me muscular legs. Initially. And also needing work: my lower ab section.

I have done some research into 30 day challenges and found it is a great starting point to increase levels of workouts and then I hope to get into a better routine and daily fitness regime to keep fit and maintain body tone. I have since produced an Excel file which includes 30 day challenges for the following: Abs, Squats, Crunches, Planks, Thighs, Arms. I have also found TribeSports to be a fantastic source who have an awesome blog around fitness and exercise ideas.

I have ran these past my derby wife and Misfit Jevo who were the ideal overseers with their fitness knowledge, and after putting together and producing a variety of papers for their enjoyment… they have given me a starting point.

Tonight I start a 30 day challenge.

I will be mixing two challenges – safely! The 30 day planking challenge alongside a 15 minute thigh/leg workout. Every night. For 30 days.

At the start, middle and end of these 30 days I will post updates.

As stated – I will be aiming to put together a continuous fitness regime to keep the work up. And when me and the Man eventually move to Mansfield full time, it will be easier to see the girls and go do some off skates/cross training together.


2 Replies to “Shape up or ship out!”

  1. I am looking forward to seeing how this goes for you! I have spent the last few years being a slave to the scale and now I have joined the Misfits, I am aiming on using that for fitness and just making sure I feel confident in my clothes! Something I realised a while ago is that there is a buzz from losing weight and having people compliment weight loss but that doesn’t last too long. And that I always feel bigger than others see me as. And finally, that when i try to lose weight through cutting down on food, i get a bony collarbone and smaller waist; which makes my demon bits look bigger!!! I concur with the intentional snub of the scales!!!!

    1. You can only use scales to a point, it can’t tell you how much muscle or how much fat you have, it definitely cannot tell you whether or not you are healthy!

      I have been on and off with sport and fitness, very fluctuating. I am determined to get back to being in shape but not become a slave to the gym or get too focused on it.

      I am however feeling pretty damn awful after the post following from on from this. I took measurements and posted up a laid bare photo. It has really hit home and I do feel horrible looking at myself – I genuinely didn’t realise I looked so awful or had become that big. Hoping alongside the Misfit training it will help, we definitely need to do more team endurance and fitness/core strength drills. Just want to look better and not so huge. x

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