Post bout mind

Post bout brings a mixture of emotions. General relief that it’s over, feeling proud of everyone on both teams, kicking your own mental butt for something you felt was stupid, and general togetherness with your own and the opposing league – after all… We are derby sisters remember!

We all experience a wide range of emotions throughout and post bout. But how do you handle them? You can let them weigh on you or just ignore them and pretend it’s nothing.

But how do you move on and better yourselves for the future? Hard and possibly painfully honest constructive criticism. Be proud of all you achieved that day, but be honest with yourself.  Talk about all the things everyone observed from both on and off the track. Any video footage? Watch it all, every painstaking moment and make notes on things that go wrong and things that are good. Go through all these notes with the group and footage along with it. Find it hard to say in front of people? Make anonymous notes and submit them to be read out by a designated person with the footage to help further explain what went wrong, why and how it can be avoided or counteracted in the future. Try not to be too personal, if someone got in your way, don’t make personal comments or digs, just point out pack/jammer awareness.

The road to improvement is a long and difficult one, and you must be brutally honest with yourself and others. You must be constructive. But if you lie to yourself and your league, you are doing more damage than good.

For example, whilst my first jam was a 14-0 for me, I have already noted down any areas for improvement (ideally not have a cold on boutday… it appeared to delay my focus slightly ) but to work harder on my jam line sprint as a basic example. We lost 118 to 173, but for a while in the first half were leading! Carried on skating and scoring points whilst letting my blockers so their thing. Maybe in the future I may be allowed to show my triple threat prowess on track! To the future and improvement!


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