Poorly pooch!

The past couple of days have been hard for me. He is mentioned, however I have not yet touched the subject of the Dog.

We got The Dog when my parents next door neighbours dogs produced puppies. I went round to look at them and fell in love. So 2012 welcomed a beautiful male dog into our lives.


Oakleys dad is a collie and his mum is a Shih Tzu cross border Terrier.

This is Oakley (and me when I had my hair chopped short…)


He is a ball of energy and love and just a beautiful yet odd looking dog.


Saturday morning he was not well but perked up, then a repeat of the sickiness and then perking up again Sunday morning. Sunday evening whilst at roller derby, there was a phonecall to say Oakley had systemed out fresh blood. So quickest kit removal yet, in the car, home and then emergency vets. Oakley stayed in overnight Sunday and retrieved him Monday morning ready to go to the proper vets (not the expensive out of hours emergency overnight care vets this time..) Luckily he was able to come home and stay overnight Monday, atleast he could get a good nights sleep without all the noises from the other vet animals. He returned this morning and came out a little later on being cleared to return home, minus the cannula this time and with a fair bit of medication.


So for the next few days he will be monitored and given much TLC and snuggles until he is fully recovered which I hope happens soon!



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