New beginnings on 8 wheels…

The last three months have been hard. And I have experienced many emotions and situations I never thought I would and hoped would never happen. At the same time the last three months have been a blessing in disguise.

Last night myself, my derby wife Kara and our bestest Jevo said our final goodbyes to Mansfield Misfits. After weeks of turmoil and headaches, days of crying and feeling sick, a decision which was not made lightly – one to take a leap of faith and put our own happiness, health and progress first. It has been difficult leaving the league as skaters, but hopefully we will not leave them as friends.

Today begins a new adventure. Today we take our first steps into training with the rather kick ass league that is the Nottingham Hellfire Harlots.

I am so nervous, I feel sick, I have fears of not being good enough, I am a slight mental wreck. However with Kara and Jevo by my side, I feel confident and supported. We are in this together and that is such a reassuring thing to know.

Training with the NHH as a league is sure to be a new experience filled with tough challenges and positive influences. The rather wonderful McKitten has become a bit of a derbymama in a way, she has been positive and understanding since day 1 of the movements between MM and NHH, she has reassured and put our minds at ease and just made us feel genuinely welcome. And the transfer process we have experienced so far, easy and positive to go through thanks to May, who has answered any questions, been understanding throughout and again just lovely and welcoming. Whilst we know it won’t always be easy, we have been given such a lovely welcome and experience – and we have yet to even step foot into practice!

We look forwards to the challenges they will throw our way, the push to train hard, hurt good and overall just skate and be happy! Tonight we will get our first taste of our new adventure, meet some new faces and catch up with those we were introduced to previously.

I have no idea what the next chapter of our derby experience holds, but with Kara and Jevo, and the support of new additions to our derby family, bring on the highs and bring on the lows – I may or may not be ready for them, but I know I will sure as hell get through them.




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