I hate being ill.

I picked up a cold somewhere along the way early February. This cold nagged at me for a few weeks after.

I started feeling better and then at the start of March boom – voice gone. I still sang like a numptybutt…

Two weeks ago a colleague of mine was ill and our general office area became an infectious hole. Each of us gained a slightly varied version of what the other one had.

Last Friday, my cough became really quite bad and my chest felt tight and ribs internally bruised. None of which helped by my ME. So a quick trip to my hometown hospital for an out of hours appointment. Lo and behold – a brand new chest infection! If it had been left any later or left generally untreated it could have wreaked havoc on my lungs and wellbeing. But for once I actually went to the doctor when told.

I have since been on antibiotics – with my last tablet taken today. Whilst I am feeling better, my insides still be bruised and sore and a side effect of the particular antibiotics I am on is cold/flu like symptoms. So I think I am better… just a bit snotty and all that oh so attractive jazz!

Whilst I have been on these, I have been banned from skating and singing.

This temporarily turned me into a slightly bitter and hateful person. I hate being ill. Being unable to do the things I enjoy has sucked. I did go along to watch practice at the start of the week so I didn’t feel as though I was entirely missing out – but it really sucked to watch everyone else skating whilst I sat on the bench like a naughty child.


But I am feeling better, and I should – if all goes well – return to skating next week, and my band even have a gig on Tuesday so it will definitely be jumping straight back into it all head first!


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