That side of the camera


When I turned 18, I ventured into modelling. Due to being a little shorty and having idiotic hips, my genres mainly fell into alternative and vintage/pinup.

This carried on as an on-off thing depending on work and university committments, however I had to stop when I started into my “real-life” career. Which for me was not a big problem, I was a hobby model, never a model who was able to carry this work off the way many other models I came across do. I remember the starting out for Ulorin Vex and her sister when VampireFreaks was a new and young website many years ago! Now Ulorin is most places, producing some beautiful and striking images. Though, when you look closely Ulorin is petite and tall so even more ideal for agencies to take on.

For me, modelling was a hobby rather than a job. I used to pose for local camera clubs who needed a model and were able to pay some small expenses which helped during university – all above board mind you!


For me, modelling was a nice escape, a form of relaxation and fun – and most of all a confidence boost. To be able to look at an image of yourself and see something actually kind of pretty and beautiful in a way does so much for your confidence and self-esteem.There are times I look at my full vintage wardrobe and think it’d be fun to use those dresses more (our weather sucks). I would love to jump back infront of the camera, just to see a positive image staring back at me again. It is surprising just what modelling and the results of a photoshoot can do for you – I guess its the most obvious reason companies are able to cash in on makeover photoshoots and the likes, but it does serve a positive purpose, even if the positive results are not always the key focus for the company. I like to look at images like the ones I have attached here, these images represent snapshots of time in which I feel I look nice!




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