Minimum skills. And other updates.

Yes! New league, revised rule set and exciting times!

I moved leagues just in time to be around for the scheduled league-wide minimum skills tests. I like the fact that the minimum skills tests and checks are league wide, this way everyone is together and it is a positive way of reinforcing the minimum skills regardless of which level you skate at.

I undertook my first night of mins on Tuesday, along with the rules test. I have yet to find out if I passed the rules test, I did wear my lucky jammer pants for extra luck and revised really hard as it took me 3-4 tries to pass last time I took a rules test! There were 3-4 rules questions I was a little unsure on and just hoped for the best so I know there are definitely crosses instead of ticks, but I am hoping my derby knowledge was sufficient!! Friday night is the second night of mins testing, I feel happy after Tuesday but I am hoping I have no hiccups on track! I managed to pull my stomach, side and upper arm carrying a box at work on Wednesday so I have been trying to relax and soothe the aches and pains since!

It has felt good going back to basics and revising these skills, especially as it has given me the opportunity to observe others around me and see the various ways in which they find it best/easiest to undertake a skill.

I am still nervous about 27 in 5. I previously used to get 29-28 laps, but I have still only really just got over being poorly and I haven’t done any fitness work outside of derby because of this! Hopefully I will be able to keep my strides strong, skate the diamond, keep my crossovers up and hit 27. I am more nervous about this than usual, I think this is because it will be my first time skating this trial infront of new people. I have tried in the last few months to not focus on what others may be thinking of me or judging me and whilst I know that practice is a safe place, I am still bricking it.

I am also excited as I will be attending a rather exciting event with the league, a special Harlots evening which requires full on black tie attire! Eeeeee!! I am excited at the idea of dressing up in beautiful dresses and looking ladylike (for once) as well as the opportunity to get to know people outside of practice. I am honoured to have so far been welcomed with open arms with ladies being just so genuinely lovely and relaxed! I have also bought too many dresses. I need to sell stuff. STAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHF!!

Otherwise life is just life. Work is the norm. House is the norm. Oakley is somewhat norm..!

Til next time BlueMonsters x


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