Minimum skills and updates. Pt 2.

Finished part 2 of minimum skills last night, including 27 in 5!

Feeling positive, whilst I know I need to work on the finer parts of hip and shoulder checks (stronger positional blocker than a hitting blocker which I need to work on!) and that my hip makes it difficult with slow stepping, I feel I did well! And I managed to hit 28.5 laps which to say I haven’t undertaken 27 for a while and that I have let my endurance/stamina/strength fitness slip… I think is still really good! Partnered with a positive supporting skater throughout this experience which has really helped so big thanks to Mika! One of the best things so far about joining the Harlots has been the genuine amount of support and positivity I have been given! Godamn awesome people.

Not sure on rules test yet but I still keep going on the RDTOM app from time to time just to keep reminding myself and my brain!

Otherwise… Dresses. Screw dresses. After winning and paying for a dress on eBay for a very low price, I got a message the next day to say she had forgotten that she’d listed this on eBay and had sold elsewhere. ARGJDNFIENTKHMH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY!!! Why is it so difficult!? I have received one which is just really not as described and will be going charity shop. Won one which is now not mine. With work, general life and house renovations I don’t get time to go to decent physical stores. Also I am an odd sizing which sucks. Not to mention the anxiety I experience going places like shops on my own.. last time I ran out (well walked very quickly) of TK MAXX in fear.

So … That is all so far! Woke up this morning feeling a bit unwell and slept like poop so today will be spent mainly on the sofa with the dogs (walk later if weather improves as Oakley is scared of the rain) possibly watching LRG Anarchy streaming!

Til next time BlueMonsters x


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