Officially Offical!


I can officially say that as of last night I am an actual, official, proper, bonafide member of the Hellfire Harlots roller derby league!

This makes me squee with so much happiness and excitement!

Now to continue working hard, keep learning and keep building myself as a person and a skater – not to mention being able to call the lovely ladies around me my league and friends!

I am now happy at my derby home. My roller derby Ohana. 

Things may sometimes distract me from all the happy parts of my life, but I just remind myself to just keep swimming (and also get friendpunches from people when I’m being ridiculously hyper-critical or I let things outside of derby get to me too much!)

So… I am Tiki Terror, #626, part of the Nottinghamshire based roller derby league – The Hellfire Harlots.

Feels good to say that out loud.
Now to the big wide world! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


Til next time Blue Monsters x


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