Update: Mixed Emotions

Hello WordPress world, sorry for the radio silence. I have had a lot on my plate the last month or so.

What’s been happening?

Megastoked! I am now a Flame! I moved up to the highest group of training in my league which I am very proud about! I will start going to these sessions next week onwards so I’m ridiculously happy. Definitely nervous but I’ve got to learn to keep up and quick! I will be moving up with two other ladies who are so lovely and have looked after me since the move to the new league!

Sadtimes. I am a derbymaid once more. My friendship and derbymarriage broke down sadly due to circumstances out of my control. After picking up the pieces, I then endured a surprise and unwarranted post derbydivorce event of harsh proportions right before we went into a scrim with another team. Mindscrew.

These two events have given me a lot to think about. I need to improve my mental capabilities. I need to learn to control my emotions better and not let others affect me. Some parts may be vindictive and purposeful but some parts may be accidental. If I had kept my head in the game at scrim I would have skated properly, I wouldn’t have fell so much and my shoulder wouldn’t have been on pain. I also need to man up so to speak and not be scared, I need to be brave and face up.

So a lot of thinking, a lot of picking up pieces and becoming myself again.

Work is good, band is awesome! And derbylife is gradually balancing out so fingers crossed!

Short update 🙂


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