Post-physio & derby future?

Monday 27th October 2014. I saw the mystical derbyphysio Jen again, three weeks after my initial trip to see her (which I touched on in this post).

Since my original visit, I had been working hard to make sure I did my physio and look after myself and my wankle (Yes – we do use this phrase!), and I was nervous about going back to see Jen in case I hadn’t done enough or made enough progress in my recovery. She had a look at my skating videos and was impressed that I had taken to it so quickly and freely, and then went through looking at my hopping ability and stability which was also looking much more improved. Looking more positive!! Yes! We went through some exercises and tested where I am at, a fair few things involving clenching my butt… what!? Yes. Butt clenching! Working from the butt, pelvis and hips – the word of the day? ENGAGE! Engage everything then move. I found it really surprising how these felt and effects of some of the exercises and movements, but I could feel it working and feel a real difference.

Part of the problem I have is the lack of physio I was given when I had my hip operation which was none at all. Age 16, I had to have an operation on my right hand hip to shorten and put the muscle/tendon/ligament (a really long word and I can’t find my paperwork!) back in place around my hip/pelvis to my knee to stop it flopping around the bone and stopping me from sport – even just running! (Ok. I didn’t mind not running. Running is evil. People who make you run are mean.) Whilst I have been able to continue sports with little grief, I was not given physio to help my hip and avoid any future issues with it – you’d think they would give you physio if you are young in a bid to avoid any future return over issues because the muscle/tendon/ligament was not cared for correctly post op. But because of this, my strongest leg is actually weaker than it should/could be. So by continuing to do my exercises and work on my stability and strength, I will not only reach the point I was at pre-break, but I stand a very good chance of being in a better place than I was pre-break! Next step, into the gym to look at these and work on the best ways for me to achieve the best results.

So I now have a list of exercises to be going on with, and Jen informed me that I need to buy a skipping rope. I bought a skipping rope…!! The man in Decathlon was showing me these cheap skipping ropes but I figured I may as well get a decent one that I can continue to use!

Ooooh skipping rope!
Ooooh skipping rope!

So with my new exercises and skipping rope, I plan to work my butt off. If I can keep it up and do all the movements properly and with control I should be able to start more full on contact in a weeks time. I am currently cleared for contact, but Jen believes if I persevere with my exercises, I can regain and increase my thigh/ankle/core strength within a week!! So I will be dipping in and out, testing the waters and just seeing how my body reacts. As it currently stands, I have no fear about getting back into a pack or a wall, however when the time comes I can honestly say I have no idea what will happen. I could be fine, or I could freak out. From here on in with contact, I plan to take it as it comes and deal with it then. I don’t want to psych myself up or psych myself out either – after all, I did it before and it was normal and natural.

The best news? Jen believes that scrimmaging and playing actual roller derby by mid-November is a more than achievable goal. I could physically do it now she believes, but I would like to build up to it rather than throwing myself back in at the deep end. At least then I know I will have done everything I can to be safe and controlled with my skating again. The biggest problem I have is my confidence. Jen has pointed out that Brian is stopping me and still protecting me. But I did it all before so there is no reason that Brian should stop me if i ease into it!

Tiki Terror. Boom Tiki Boom!
Tiki Terror. Boom Tiki Boom!

So I will hopefully be going back to both the advanced and intermediate sessions for general skate time and just getting back to it. I have had time off so I know I need to work hard to get back up to scratch and be on the same page as my team. I am determined to do it. And after returning to test the waters last night at one of our fresh meat sessions, I am thankful that the league I skate with is supportive, the Harlots contain some very understanding and supportive skaters/people and are more than happy for me to go at my own pace – no matter whether that is jumping back into it or taking it slow and steady!

So for the next couple of months, the rest of this year, 2014, I will be working my butt off. I want to prove to myself and to my league that I can bounce back, I want my spots on the squads again, I want to skate alongside everyone and be back on the same page. 2015 will be my year. And I look forwards to being able to wear my new kit with pride.


In other news?

  • The house is coming on well. There are now doors! Not far off moving in but definitely before Christmas!!
  • The lovely Mika will be coming to see mesoon and I can’t wait to see her and actually be able to talk to her in person again! A truely lovely lass and just too awesome!
  • I have a cold. This sucks. Welcome back to skating! Oh… sorry, you need to get over being ill.
  • We bought new pillows for both bedrooms (the third bedroom is to be a study/hair/makeup area..!!

Pillows - yay Costco!

  • Got some doggin love! Oakley is growing up so quickly and is still as soppy as ever!
Me & Oakley
Me & Oakley

So that is all for now. I can’t wait to keep updating this with how I progress again with skating!!

Til next time little blue monsters x


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