Return to skating and scrimmaging post break

So I have documented so far how I have found things and how my body has coped.

This last week, I returned to drills and scrimmage.

Friday night was my second practice actually being involved in drills. We were working through min skills requirements with our intermediate group and people were able to request what we could work on. The words came up from another skater – 27 in 5! … I’m sorry… what..!?!

To return to skating post break as early as I could have done then look at achieving this, I was a little overwhelmed and unsure how it would go. But.. no pain, no aching, nothing! And I was about 2m off hitting 28 in 5! This was a huge confidence boost, I wasn’t expecting my ankle to hold out to consistent skating at speed and power, but it just shook off everything. I was slightly knackered out initially, my fitness is lacking since my break so I have another goal to work to, getting my fitness level back up!

Then we moved onto hitting drills, it was difficult to feel like I was able to knock the other skaters around not knowing how they would deal with it as I hadn’t been around this group much. But I worked with them, helped them with their hitting and supported them, and some of them told me to hit harder and I did. I’ve never been a skater who could hit well, I have always relied on getting my butt in peoples way. But to work on hitting helped my confidence with my ankle also!

Today… I scrimmed! My first scrimmage back post break. And I did well! I was a little rocky, over thinking and maybe protecting myself a little too much in the first half – but then I got upset, had a cry and manned up. The second half I think went much better!! The first jam, I got a little too excitable and false started jumping through the pack before realising, owning up, returning to back of the pack in a yielding way and trying to get over laughing stitch. Idiot!

But I survived, didn’t break, I fell over, I was fine, did hits, took hits, jammed and blocked. It was a little emotional. But I am feeling on top of the world right now! I am lucky to skate with some fantastic ladies ¬†who are supportive both on and off track.

First scrim post break
First scrim post break

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