Returning to bouting post injury

So it is really going to happen. I am going to bout this year.

My last public bout was February this year. When I broke, I thought I could throw everything out the window until 2015. When I came back within three months, taking part in drills, squads, scrimmaging – bouting was the last thing on my mind! The idea of bouting again felt light years away, but – of course.. wrong!

Sunday 14th December 2014. I make my return as a bouting skater. For that, I have Team Metal Legs to thank.

Team Metal Legs – Returning injured skaters to roller derby

I posted about Team Metal Legs previously, these are a group of previously broken or injured skaters who have made a return to roller derby and are skating in support of those who take care of our broken and battered players. These skaters are a beacon of light to all the skaters who experience the darkest days of dealing with an injury, these skaters are living proof that there is life and derby after injury. It may not be easy, but it is more than possible.

I saw Team Metal Legs début bout in Leicester. Two weeks after I had gotten my cast off, after two weeks of learning to walk all over again, I saw hope for the future of my skating career.

In a weeks time, I will skate as part of Team Metal Legs. I get the honour of lining up on track with some amazing ladies who have endured physical and mental/emotional hardship to skate their hearts out. Of course I am nervous. This is a huge deal for me! I love jamming and blocking. I love getting stuck in and working with & learning from other talented skaters. After 20 years of skating, nearly 5 years of roller derby, enduring my first broken bone, and returning to skate another day….



Til next time little blue monsters xxx


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