First bout back post break.

Today was a big deal for me. Today was my first bout back post break. I won’t lie, I was nervous and worried about letting the team down. But I was also excited and determined to block and jam to the best of my ability!

The ladies of Team Metal Legs are just fantastic, so understanding and just awesome. They were great throughout and made me feel more comfortable and relaxed. Funsies!


So I did it. Today I blocked and I jammed. I followed my gutt instinct and just let my body do what felt natural and the best way to move around track. And it was AWESOME!!


I stopped jammers, worked well with other blockers, communicated and didn’t get any penalties! I jammed my butt off, juking and pushing, I got back up anytime I found myself down, I scored points, I called it at the right times with bench assistance, and did I mention I didn’t get any penalties?!?


I went there with the aim of just having fun, getting back into skating in a bout situation, learning from other skaters and working with new skaters, generally surviving the bout. But the fact that I got so much out of it in terms of confidence in myself and my own ability, the fact I now better appreciate the ability to adapt to new skaters and situations as well as appreciating the skaters I am used to working with, it has just given me such a boost. I can still play roller derby and I can still play well!! The fact that I had fun and gained so much on a personal level was awesome, BUT we did a win too!!


So there is hope, and something that seems scary can really turn out to be a huge turning point in the way you see yourself and the things that you are capable of doing. I skated hard, I skated for me – to prove to myself that I can still do this! – and I also made new friends along the way.

I have a lot of love for Rosie today, she has consistently believed in me and my ability, and today I skated not only to make me happy, but to make her proud also. She always pushes me to be a better skater and player, she supported me throughout my break and coming back to skating post break, and she has just been an awesome beast!! Without her I probably wouldn’t have agreed to play in a TML bout, but I am bloody glad I did!!

Thank you Rosie!

And thank you Team Metal Legs! Who know a broken ankle would lead to such a positive and loving place.



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