Bricks – an early Christmas present!

I mentioned quite some time back that I had bought a house way back at the start of 2013 – offer accepted in January, keys finally received in May 2013!

Since then, me and my family have been essentially undertaking a full renovation as it turned out. The house price was relatively pretty low to the rest on the street, it needed some work yes, modernizing and fixing up… but once we started pulling the paper away from the walls and carpets up from the floors, it actually hit us just how much work this house needed.

Eighteen months later… the house has had new plumbing, new electrics, new walls (completely new walls upstairs!), new floorboards… walls have moved to make rooms bigger, boiler has moved, toilets have moved, exterior walls built over old scrappy doors… it has been a full on renovation project. Doing this whilst working full time job as well as managing to fit in roller derby, family time and seeing the Doggins has been chaotic and has meant we have taken longer to finish it than planned. I have learnt however, that I am a fairly decent brickie! Go me!

The last eighteen months has been spent turning a tired old three bedroom semi into a modern and relaxed family home, it has taken time and we have worked to pretty much zero budget, but it has been so worth it. There are still kinks for ironing out as I get used to it, but it is all teething problems.

This weekend : fully 100% moved for good. The bed has now made it to the bedroom! Just in time for Christmas, which is fantastic as I’m are hosting Christmas at my house this year, I am cooking the dinner and all that jazz – I feel like a real adult now!

IMAG0078 Living room
Free table - thank you Freecycle!
Free table – thank you Freecycle!
Spare/Guest bedroom
Spare/Guest bedroom
Our beaut kitchen!
The beginning of the beaut kitchen!

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