New Year, New Attitude.

Hello 2015!

That time has rolled around again, the point in the year that everyone makes resolutions and then breaks them within the month. On the whole, resolutions last for the first month, maybe two of the year. Once broken, they are completely forgotten about. That is my issue with the idea of resolutions. It’s like telling yourself that you won’t eat that chocolate bar or you won’t buy a more roller derby stuff, it’s going to happen.

The gym at this time of year is generally filled with 4 types of people:

  1. The usual gym goers sticking to routine
  2. New gym goers who will keep going to the gym
  3. Returning gym goers who make the same resolution every year
  4. New gym goers who know they will spend maybe two weeks going, before giving up

These four types show a range of people, a range of attitudes, and the problem with resolutions. Maybe 10-15% will manage to stick to their resolution to go to the gym, showing determination and breaking through the wall. Group 3 who do want to keep trying at their resolution, sometimes these people make it stick, sometimes these people just continue on as they are. Group number 4 is where you really see why making resolutions can be pointless. Resolutions in the modern world are known to be things you say you will do, but everyone including yourself knows you won’t do. It’s a ritualistic thing for many people, and I won’t deny that it does work for some people – but this handful of people? They are the types who strive to achieve and a resolution for them is simply one of their normal goals set during the New Year period.

My biggest problem with the idea of resolutions is this – once a resolution has been broken, no more thought is given to it. I am a big believer in getting back up and starting again if you fail or fall, those who make a resolution more often than not genuinely do want to achieve the end goal, so why when you fail or fall do you not continue? The only person who can change where you are heading is you, your life is yours and yours alone so control it. Regardless of family, career, health… even just the smallest change can change a lifestyle.


For the above reasons I have not made resolutions for many years. And in true Terror style, I am not making one this year. Instead of a resolution, I am focusing on aspirations. I am going to aspire to achieve.

“Oxford Dictionary definition: Aspire – Direct one’s hopes or ambitions towards achieving something.”

Last year I set goals, I began to achieve some of these goals but like another blogging skater, I broke. And at first I gave up, being broken meant I stood no chance of reaching my goals – but as I accepted the injury and met other skaters in the same position, it hit me. These people inspired me, the resolve and strength, the ambition and drive, I felt the desire to aspire and achieve. I started doing core work outs the best I could in my cast, not exactly the fitness goal I set, but I was on my way and aspiring along. Last year I did not get to do many of the things I set out to do, and I guess with the idea of aspirations it allows you more flexibility and the ability to adapt what you are doing to achieve a final outcome. An aspiration allows positivity to be a key focal point throughout, whereas failing a goal or resolution can leave you feeling bad or negative, it is generally quite difficult to fail at aspiring. A resolution can seem set in stone, becomes a chore and you often forget why you even made it in the first place, so keeping that fire and desire to aspire (unintentional rhyming like a badass) is what you must always remember whenever you set your mind to something. The other difference with aspirations is that unlike a resolution, you can continue to aspire long after you have achieved your initial desire.


Speaking of the other lovely broken blogger & skater, I highly recommend popping over to Treblemakers blog to read her post on intentions rather than resolutions – a post which helps open up the idea of achieving without setting goals or resolutions. [Treblemaker 909 – resolutions-intentions post.] Although I like my idea of aspiring, I really related to Trebles post on intentions, setting them in a past tense and above all – writing them down! So I may consider writing down a few intentions alongside my aspirations, it is possible that my aspirations can stem from intentions and vice versa!


This year I aspire to be a better me in both my personal life and derby life. Four parts of this aspiration stand as smaller aspirations which lead to a bigger picture outcome.

  • I aspire to be in better shape physically – I will put more effort into my personal fitness
  • I aspire to be a more mentally positive person – I will stop being so negative about myself and I will not put myself down
  • I aspire to be more decisive for both personal and derby reasons ­– I will make decisions, I will commit to decisions and will not spend too much time thinking about them
  • I aspire to achieve everything I didn’t get to do last year (and hopefully more) – I will bout for my league, I will go to boot camps, I will gig more, Mammoth will record and release an album

Just because I aspire to achieve these this year, does not necessarily mean that I will achieve. What it does mean is that I will work towards them, I will put effort and time into them, I can change the way in which I work towards these aspirations.

So how do you look at aspiring? I guess an aspiration or intention (TM909) is different for everyone, as are the reasons behind them. You may sit down and have a think, you may look back on what you have or haven’t done, you may – like me – aspire from those who inspire. Fellow derby breakers, bloggers, TML, the ladies of Hellfire Harlots, all these have inspired me at different points in time and for different reasons.

I never really read many blogs before until I blogged more often, and I still struggle to keep up to date with everyone else, one of the bloggers I have enjoyed following is Treblemaker 909. She has written some strong articles focusing on roller derby, I have seen links to her blog pop up more and more recently – especially in groups for fresh meat skaters! – and I started reading more of her fitness articles, checking out her Youtube channel and found her writing and attitude to be a positive and powerful influence for seasoned skaters, not just the fresh meat. With 20 years of skating experience and 5 years of derby, it amazes me to find people like Treble who write so eloquently, makes sense and in a manner where you really connect with her writing. I have never met the lady but I really ally with her, when she joined us in the camp of the broken skaters her attitude was still as positive and powerful, definitely a lady/skater I look forwards to crossing paths with one day. Having read back through this and after some careful consideration, Treble has inspired me to try writing down intentions.

  • I exercise outside of roller derby – at least once a week I follow an exercise routine or take an exercise class outside of roller derby time
  • I am positive about myself – I don’t put myself down as much as I used to and I point out things I do well, not just things I did bad
  • I have written and produced an album with Little Mammoth that I am proud of – As a band, we worked hard on the songs we took time to write and turned them in to an album that we are proud of and hope makes people smile
  • I have been to a roller derby boot camp – at least one, and I have reduced my fear of meeting new people and met new friends

Remember, whatever you want and intend to do, whatever you aspire to – if you fall or you fail, get back up and keep going. If you keep falling, keep going, and when you achieve what you wanted to, you can look back and see how hard you worked, overcome how much you fell and realise how much more it means to be standing there.

And when all else fails?? Dog…


Til next time little blue monsters x


2 Replies to “New Year, New Attitude.”

  1. Really nice blog.
    Couldn’t help but notice that your intention to be more positive about yourself started with a negative. To help with your positivity, frame the whole statement as a positive- ditch that negativity from the beginning 🙂

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