SKD at SKOD! We are going to Belgium!

We are going to Belgium!

I’m ridiculously excited. The Nottingham Hellfire Harlots are going to Belgium to take part in the WFTDA tournament – A Skate Odyssey. I am excited not just for myself, but for my league. The Harlots have been working towards a big WFTDA event such as this so to be invited to play means all the hard work has finally paid off.


So this is a big deal. A three day tournament overseas! It will be an exciting and enjoyable time, it will of course be tough as you can expect a good fight from all teams involved throughout the weekend, but it will be an experience!

Three days of roller derby in Belgium. With a full team and bench/line up team. Which brings me to my secondary post topic… money. To send this wonderful group of people to where they need to be, we need to raise at least £2,500 to go towards travel, insurance and accommodation.

Fundraising as a league is a difficult thing to do. Everyone already gives up most of their free time to come to practice and look after other league job roles and commitments. So to spend other time coming up with ideas and running with them to raise money? It is a difficult thing to manage, you don’t want too many people going mad in a short space of time – but you also don’t want one or two people carrying the world on their shoulders. The Harlots as a league have really come together to look at fundraising options, with various balls rolling to get the Harlots to SKOD!

So I want to use this post to let you know what we are doing, why we are doing these things and as a rare occasion ask for your support.


EuroScrim – East Midlands

Sunday 19 April, Nottingham.

Open scrim for min skills passed 18+ female skaters. With face painting, bake sale and general fun and frolics!

Big Fat Harlot Quiz!

Thursday 23 April, Horse & Groom in New Basford, Nottingham.

NHH Fundraising pub quiz for Nottingham folk!

Skate to SKOD!

The Harlots are undertaking a sponsored skate, with the number of laps matching the rough distance from Harlot HQ in Nottingham to Ghent in Belgium! This is approximately 8000 laps!! We have three hours to do this. Challenge accepted!

We, as a league, are really counting on the support of family, friends, colleagues, strangers, other leagues. The derby community is amazing and we have always supported one another! If you are able to donate even the smallest amount to our cause, then you would be moving us one step closer to a big dream and experience! Even if you can just share this post to help raise awareness of our events, our cause, our league, anything! It would mean the world to myself and my league.

To donate or read more you can follow this link:

Til next time little blue monsters x


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