Moving forwards in 2017

So I’ve been very quiet the last couple of years. Very quiet. My life has changed quite a bit in the last year and a half, big changes personally and I’ve been getting my life back on track over the last few months.

First big change. I now live alone. It’s not a bad thing don’t worry, in fact it’s one of the best things to happen for a while. I’m in a place where I’m a much more confident and independent person, I feel much more in control of my own life and I’m definitely better equipped to handle the bumps along the way!

I’m still a Hellfire Harlot – I’ll post a bit more about some experiences over the past year with this bunch soon! I’m now part of the training committee which is an incredible group to be part of, I’ve learnt so much from the other coaches and I’ve definitely come on in terms of confidence and belief in myself. I’ve also developed a lot as a skater and player! I’m now jammer for the A-team and pivot/blocker/general crusher of jammer souls. I also got a new tattoo – Packtato. It’s 100% an injoke with the Harlots, but together they are my Packtato and this tattoo symbolises everything they are to me. My family and I would have never come out of some dark times without this bunch in my life. I bloody love them.

My sister finally started roller derby! I’ll do more on this later!

My derby wife has moved back to the UK and will be soon back with me in Nottingham ❤

Just a quick idea of life recently and there is definitely more to come!


Til next time little blue monsters xx


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