Suregrip Isis boot – the aftermath..

So… the Suregrip Isis boot..


After going back and forth in my head, bugging people about whether or not to get them or whether to just duct tape my skates back together and hope for the best, I caved.

So I tried my size 5 and my size 6 on, the size 5 fitted ok but was slightly too tight on my toes and restricted movement/bend to push off, whilst the size 6 was pretty perfect! I tested them out size wise by doing a run on the spot to check for maneuverability. Seemed all good! Karat had asked me re pusher setups as she currently runs on Radar bullets 93a and had noticed some slipping under her, so when at the Derbystore it just so happened that they had some other durometers of the bullets on the shelf – all of a sudden she had gone from just getting some Zeronuts to having some matching Radar bullets in 88a – yellow. I am now considering whether or not to get some more Fugitive mids to go with my current ones, this time in a 87a setup..?

It would appear when I got my plates that I may have gone for an accidently shortforward mount… even though I bought my plates in accordance with the Suregrip plate size table thingy. But this still works for me!

In return I booked tickets to go see the Lego Movie for the night it comes out in the cinema over here. Yay! Lego 😀

Lego derby girl

So they had their first outing on our Sunday night session, and I managed an hour and a half before having to give my feet a break. Aparrently stopped at the right time to avoid a blister! Lucky me! I put them back on after our rather awesome derby friendly medic wrapped my ankles up and off I went again. I didn’t skate as much but I rolled around paying attention to what our guest coaches were teaching us.

Karat also had luck with her wheels – response? She had not lost her speed/agility but could feel herself better sticking to the track on crossovers and corners. DERBY GEAR WIN!

We ave our very first bout as a team in two weeks time. I have two weeks to break my boots in.

Thankfully… the only issue I am having is with my left ankle. And I have noticed the more research I have done on the Isis boot, there is a general consensous that the Isis boot is that perfect it doesn’t really take much to break in – if any! So for the next two weeks I will be giving them as much breaky in love as possible!

Fingers crossed and I will update soon!


We did it!

Quick lunchtime post… 😀 

Freak. out.

 You know that scene in Waynes World? The one where Garth freaks out? Yeah….

When my derby wife said we would be leading a training session I did that. I feel stupid thinking about it because I have taught skating for a while – however my mind just went to mush. Maybe it had something to do with teaching people my age who may have had more of an expectation than younger and newer skaters.

But we did it. Last night I took 45 minutes of skating and Kara took 45 minutes of endurance.

There were positives and negatives. The negative mainly being my insole wearing through mid 20 minutes of hell which sucked – and I say that whole heartedly as we were not far off completing the drill. 5 more minutes in soles! I could have been proud!

So I think I did poop. 6 days of non-stop has not been great to my mind and body so last night was a bit daunting knowing I was going into the night not feeling myself. But I taught stuff. I had to miss some stuff out due to time constraints and not being as fluid as I wanted to be, especially with my words – my words did not want to come out last night what so ever.

Kara did fab, she has this sense about her in which she commands respect from everyone but she is on the level with people so there is a huge level of comfort and trust there. We had a good run of endurance and at point I asked another skater if it was possible to love and hate someone at the same time… but it felt good! Once I broke through the pain barrier it was smooth sailing – until my insole went stupid.

There was so much more I would have liked to have gone over but I think some of it is best brought up by other skaters, to bring up areas they struggle with. For instance I think working on backwards skating will be of great help to some of the girls! The future holds interesting skating times for sure!  

With my insoles going, I am not contemplating what to do. Do I get insoles and buy some cheap R3s for outdoor use… or … do I get a new boot for indoor and use my old skates for outdoor… Hmm. WANT!! Derby cravings…

So mission report – good. 🙂

CaptainsDead -YAY!