Drumroll please… new derby name..




Yup. My new derby name.

My number will continue to be 626.


I love Hawaii. And Lilo & Stitch.

That. Is all.


Test the names! THE NAMES! Vote!

So. I have finally come down to a shortlist of names. I was stuck between two inparticular, however I do believe I have chosen my name. The name with the most votes may not necessarily be the one I have chosen but it is good to see what the response is!

I have a certain love and obsession with Hawaii and Lilo & Stitch.

(Sheduled. Please work this time WordPress?)

A name change?

As of late I have been doing a fair bit of thinking. With starting a new derby journey and making a fresh go of things in a new start, I considered who I am as a person and a skater.


And my name became one of these consideration points. I have had the name “Hollycidal Violation” for just five years. My model name, Twitter name and even my user id on here is related to Hollycidal. There are however many Hollycidals/Hollicidals with various endings and variations (ie. Hollycidal Maniac, Atlantas Hollicidal and so on and so forth) which often leads to some confusion of hey didn’t we skate at “x event” or I saw you with “x league” etc.. 

I am not a violent person, and I have to admit I’m not really a heavy hitter on track either. Nor am I a jammer who generally has the full ability to “violate” a wall so to speak. So the Violation part of my name doesn’t really reflect me. I have never quite felt it was the right fit, and others who I have put far in the past also had input/influence over my name so in the end I kinda just lumped with it.

I have become a more positive person in the last two years and I am considering whether a new derby name for a renewed derby girl would be a nice move? I have some ideas aside, ideas I would like to run past others for opinions, feedback on whether I should just stick with the name. I will never be able to fully distance myself from Hollycidal Violation, I have been part of two leagues under the guise and have Hollycidal relating to a few IDs/usernames (mostly because 12 year old me did not think bass princess would be not cool as I got older..)

Possible new names relate to my wallflower nature and/or my obsession with Hawaii + Lilo & Stitch.

So who knows. I could grow from Hollycidal into a new derby girl, I will never leave Hollycidal behind, heck I could still be Hollycidal Violation the next time I write.

Short lunchytime post. NomNomNomNom.

Til next time BlueMonsters x