Your derby heart.

Every week you attend practice. You warm up, catch up with your teammates, learn new skills and improve on older skills, improve on your skating and playing, piece by piece.

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Warning! System critical! – How critical is too critical?

In roller derby, we are striving to do things to the best of our abilities. We turn up, we learn things, we practice things, we keep going until we can do them and we continue to use them in drills and game play.

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Little Mammoth – my musical family!



My band! My guys! My own musical family!










 o Vocals: Me!
 o Guitar: Mark
 o Bass: Alex
 o Drums: Sam

 These guys are straight up awesome. We formed in early 2013, started doing covers then wrote some pretty cool tracks!

We are a four piece rock band, with a hint of blues and soul thrown in for good measure. Huge array of influences between us and I think that is what makes us fun and a little bit different.

Facebook Reverbnation Twitter – Soundcloud

We get around and play where we can, we have been lucky to play with some amazing bands, at some awesome venues through some kickass people. We have been lucky to be involved in Noize Level Critical radio show also!

I guess there isn’t a huge amount to really say about the band at the moment bar who we are, what we do and where we can be found!

Also. Gig dates.


Why so blue little monster?

Waiting around to get ny butt to band practice tonight. Feels odd to think we only have another practice before Xmas!

Thought that I would take the moment to expand on my blog name.


Firstly I am obsessed with Stitch from Lilo and Stitch who is a little blue alien though is sometimes referred to as a monster. I relate a lot to Stitch, especially with his emotive state and his “bad” levels. If you replace bad with stress I guess?

Little relates to my height and my band.

And above all.. I play derby.

So little blue derby monster.

Ta da!