Skills results.. (Plus added extra awesome)

I feel proud of myself.

I found out last night that I passed all the derby stuffs! I hit 28.5 laps so passed 27/5 and I actually on my first go passed the new rules test which I am incredibly shocked at! I knew there were 4-5 questions which I used guesswork for but still.. I didn’t get many wrong!

So I decided to treat myself.

I started looking for a new Hibiscus hair clip, I stumbled across something just simply awesome and it makes my derby name change feel like fate. I genuinely did not know this existed. But I stumbled on and bought this as a treat to myself for doing good.


An already in existence, Lilo & Stitch patch which contains my new derby name. Chuffed. AWESOME! YAY!


Til next time BlueMonsters x

Why so blue little monster?

Waiting around to get ny butt to band practice tonight. Feels odd to think we only have another practice before Xmas!

Thought that I would take the moment to expand on my blog name.


Firstly I am obsessed with Stitch from Lilo and Stitch who is a little blue alien though is sometimes referred to as a monster. I relate a lot to Stitch, especially with his emotive state and his “bad” levels. If you replace bad with stress I guess?

Little relates to my height and my band.

And above all.. I play derby.

So little blue derby monster.

Ta da!