Moving forwards in 2017

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So I’ve been very quiet the last couple of years. Very quiet. My life has changed quite a bit in the last year and a half, big changes personally and I’ve been getting my life back on track over the last few months.

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When to question and when to be thankful – taking stock of what you have.

With the events of the last week, I have been really questioning myself. Questioning what I want, whether I am a good person, whether I am good enough for anything. Although this is titled when to question / be thankful, this isn’t a this is what you do post.  Continue reading “When to question and when to be thankful – taking stock of what you have.”

Warning! System critical! – How critical is too critical?

In roller derby, we are striving to do things to the best of our abilities. We turn up, we learn things, we practice things, we keep going until we can do them and we continue to use them in drills and game play.

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Short loving and supportive post

So I write this from the shower with arms stretched out of the water (brave I know…) a short post (or at least intended to be), one that reminds you of the support you can be to other people.

In the last 24 hours, I have had a couple of conversations with people, in which they have either asked for help and guidance or I have just offered it without request. Yes, there are definitely times you should and should not offer, but you need to know most when it is needed.

As human beings, we have two ways of dealing with things when the chips are down or you are struggling on your own . 1) To carry on, needing help but not wanting to ask for fear of seeming weak or for fear of being a burden. 2)  Those who ask for help when they genuinely need it.

Some would say type 2 are weak for asking, but I personally say it takes courage. Some would say type 1 don’t care, but they do. As human beings it isn’t programmed into our brains to ask, it surely isn’t programmed into us that we need to ask. And asking if people need help can be scary and it can often be highly unlikely. There are many reasons and many arguements for both types. But at the end of the day, neither type is better or worse than the other, what we all need is a little bit of help and support.

Whether that help be advice and guidance, an ear you lend to listen, a face you see for a cuppa, some form of help and support. As I stated previously in posts, the world is filled with people trying to take you down without you helping them out.

I have felt honoured that people have held me in such a respect to ask me for guidance and support. Whether it is due to a similar experience or circumstances, whether it’s just because a respected and honest opinion. I have also felt honoured to have some wonderful friends in my life who I feel I can offer support and guidance to, without them needing to ask.

You are surrounded by people who you love in various ways, who support you and vice versa, you may not always see them, they may have a busy schedule, they may not goto the same things anymore, they may even have moved to the Netherlands (here’s looking at you Mika! ❤ ) – but throughout them being there physically or not, they are there to support you regardless. And know that deep down, neither of you have expectations of each other, you are the way you are because you want to be, not because you have to be.


Take a moment each day to think about at least one other person in your life. Just a message or a phone call, a cup of tea/coffee, an evening out, even just a smile in the street. Just something that lets them know that you are there, and that you want to be there for them. Wherever they are.


Til next time little blue monsters xx