Goodbye Little Mammoth. Hello broken heart.

So it happened, I am in mourning over lost comrades and band mates. A big part of my life is over.

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The beginning

After a period of contemplation whether or not to come back to blogging, I decided yes (Duh..) so I figured let’s write about all the things! I have a serious┬álove hate relationship with blogs and Twitter (Twitter especially!) so I am hoping this time I will have a stronger loyalty to you WordPress.

So… I guess I had better find a beginning point to start from!

I am Holly! How do? I am currently 23 (24 in January, man that’s crazy to think about!). I was born in Mansfield, Nottingham, UK. – That’s about right yes?

Roller derby – I have been playing roller derby since 2009, I originally started out with Birmingham Blitz Dames who are a bunch of fantastic, loving and talented ladies. I took some time out due to personal and health circumstances which kind of really sucked. Then moved back to Nottingham and joined Mansfield Misfits earlier this year! These women are my life! My name is Hollycidal Violation, #626 – I have undergone a number change, previously #H2B0 – but I felt like our zebras wanted to punch me everytime they needed to read this out! Not that I spent alot of time in the sin bin initially…
I’m sure I will write more of a post on this, I am hoping to document my time with my team more as the team is still very much in it’s infant stages!

I am also a fairly experienced singer. It sounds quite big headed reading that sentence back, but it is honest – I am not an ego person! I have been classically trained since 2000 and moved into rock music which meant I got to write, record and gig with some amazing bands and meet some amazing people! Since moving back to Nottingham, I joined a band called Little Mammoth – think ACDC meets Halestorm? Throw a bit of a sexy bluesy feel in and it would be us (maybe…)

Otherwise? I am a marketing executive (oh fancy title!). I went to university and got my degree in Advertising & Marketing communications. I also love classic minis. I am also obsessed with Lilo & Stitch.