An appreciation post – Cuteashook – crochet genius

I thought that today I would write an appreciation post. Today I’m going to tell you about a fantastic lady who is just awesome – meet Michelle. AKA Cuteashook

You can check out Cuteashook on Etsy and see her work on Instagram.

I have purchased two items from Michelle. I have been over the moon with both! Cuteashook is a self-professed “crocheter and yarn junkie” who creates beautiful and adorable pieces. Cuteashook is a small self ran solo operation, she dedicates so much time, energy and love into her work and it is highly visible in the finished results. Support small local businesses!!

I originally went to Michelle when I could not find a soft plushy like Tiki doll anywhere (they should be more easily available!!) – I asked her if it would be possible, sent some reference images, and she got to work creating an awesome crochet Tiki doll which has become a bit of a pride and joy for me.

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Recently, I put in a request for a gift for my sister Bear. Bear loves T-Rex’s and jokes about small arms, she turned 20 last week and she has also been offered a fantastic placement with a very big company working there for a year looking at pharmaceutical chemistry and beauty products. As a combined birthday and well done/good luck gift, I wanted a T-Rex with a twist. A T-Rex in a science coat and glasses. Complete with tiny bow tie. Michelle knew exactly what to do.

 unnamed (1) unnamed

Science-Rex was a go! A green T-Rex, red stripes, white removable coat, red bow-tie, little black removable wire glasses… A WHOLE LOT OF ADORABLE! The images I have posted really don’t do it justice, highly recommend checking out Cuteashooks Instagram feed!

I have ordered twice from Michelle/Cuteashook Both times I have been ecstatic with the results, she understands what you want, works with your ideas, makes them even more awesome. The quality of her work is second to none and she does not overcharge either. You really do get high quality creations which really show the passion and the love and dedication that has gone into making them. She produces standard and pre-made items, she also produces custom items made just for you with your specifications and alterations.

This lady is highly recommended with the Terror stamp of approval! When it comes to my crochet needs and requirements, this is the lady I will be coming back to for sure!

Head on over to her pages as I linked near the top and will do again HERE –> Etsy/Instagram.

Til next time little blue monsters xx


Officially Offical!


I can officially say that as of last night I am an actual, official, proper, bonafide member of the Hellfire Harlots roller derby league!

This makes me squee with so much happiness and excitement!

Now to continue working hard, keep learning and keep building myself as a person and a skater – not to mention being able to call the lovely ladies around me my league and friends!

I am now happy at my derby home. My roller derby Ohana. 

Things may sometimes distract me from all the happy parts of my life, but I just remind myself to just keep swimming (and also get friendpunches from people when I’m being ridiculously hyper-critical or I let things outside of derby get to me too much!)

So… I am Tiki Terror, #626, part of the Nottinghamshire based roller derby league – The Hellfire Harlots.

Feels good to say that out loud.
Now to the big wide world! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


Til next time Blue Monsters x

Skills results.. (Plus added extra awesome)

I feel proud of myself.

I found out last night that I passed all the derby stuffs! I hit 28.5 laps so passed 27/5 and I actually on my first go passed the new rules test which I am incredibly shocked at! I knew there were 4-5 questions which I used guesswork for but still.. I didn’t get many wrong!

So I decided to treat myself.

I started looking for a new Hibiscus hair clip, I stumbled across something just simply awesome and it makes my derby name change feel like fate. I genuinely did not know this existed. But I stumbled on and bought this as a treat to myself for doing good.


An already in existence, Lilo & Stitch patch which contains my new derby name. Chuffed. AWESOME! YAY!


Til next time BlueMonsters x